Alice in Dreamland Slots

Alice in Dreamland Slots

Ever heard of Alice in Wonderland? Who hasn't? Alice in Dreamland sounds similar enough, and indeed it is based on that story. The sense of familiarity you'll get from this is quite appealing, and Arrows Edge has done a grand job bringing this slot game to life.

There is plenty to get through, so let's dive in and see what this Dreamland can offer us.

Reels and win lines

Five reels are quite normal for a slot. However, don't expect any paylines. You'll find 243 ways you can win prizes instead.

Which coins can you play with?

With way wins in action, you must simply choose an acceptable spin bet. This must be worth at least 40 cents, but you could go far higher to reach $240.

Which special icons should you look for?

The Mad Hatter makes an appearance as the wild icon. He replaces everything too, including the scattered icons. The scatters are represented by Alice herself and the guy with the odd hat on. You'll know him when you see him. The Mad Hatter only shows up on reels two and four.

Whenever you win something with a wild icon, Alice will tumble down the rabbit hole. You must follow the instructions to make sure she doesn't fall too far. In doing so, a multiplier is awarded that could be worth as much as 3x the amount you just won.

Are there bonus features involved?

The crazy hat is the key to winning between 10 and 30 free games. Look at the multiplier that appears to see how many you have secured. If Alice appears three times on the reels, you will go through to another bonus. This gives you the chance to do a few odd things. Maybe you will try your luck at croquet. How about eating some mushrooms instead? Whatever you do, you will soon discover how much you have won from those choices.

Download and enjoy a game of Alice in Dreamland slots today

Alice in Dreamland is a lot of fun and contains plenty of varied features to look for as you play. Going down the rabbit hole and on a journey with Alice is just the beginning. Will you manage to achieve more if you try this slot for size? The free version allows you to appreciate the scope of the game before placing your first real bet.