Bigfoot Mountain Slots

He saw Bigfoot. She saw Bigfoot. Arrow's Edge produces the ultimate Bigfoot sighting thanks to the latest and breaking gaming technology. Bigfoot Mountain offers many things and rewards to the player, but above all, it delivers countless hours of fun.

Arrow's Edge Rises Up

Arrow's Edge is a part of the new breed of online slot game developers, and they don't disappoint. Arrow's Edge continues honing its craft of developing razor-sharp graphical slot games. This is manifested with Bigfoot Mountain, a tremendous five-reel game with a monstrous 75 pay lines.

Practice Navigating Through The Woods

Arrow's Edge doesn't put any pressure on players to make an immediate bet. Far from it. Bigfoot Mountain is available for demo play, so you can get the feel of the game before placing that vaulted bet that is bound to draw the attention of Bigfoot himself.

Bigfoot Stomps All Over

Make no mistake about it. Bigfoot dominates the game's landscape for having his likeness and his footprints all over the game. We will discuss more about the exciting and prolific Bigfoot in a moment. Still, please understand that this game takes place on a dark night with all the classic elements synonymous with Bigfoot, including people frightened out of their skulls. We will discuss this Bigfoot phenomenon in greater detail as well. If you have the courage to continue to play this game, you can see Bigfoot's shadow stomping around in the background.

Please Don't Be Intimidated By The Game Design

Bigfoot Mountain doesn't want you to be intimidated at all by the gameplay. This is why this game delivers all of the essential and critical game features so you can take your shot at the elusive Bigfoot himself.

Bigfoot Mountain Is A Jack Of All Trades

Bigfoot Mountain doesn't hold back with the gaming rewards. Far from it. Bigfoot Mountain features a prominent wild feature that will dive deeply into this article. Bigfoot stomps into the light through the bigfoot re-spins round, and there is a progressive jackpot to top everything off.

Can You Keep Up With The Pay Lines?

Bigfoot Mountain is big in every way. We commence this fact by underscoring the incredulous 75 pay lines that encapsulate Bigfoot's full splendor and might. The pay line arrows are there to assist you in determining how you wish to proceed. If you have the conviction and the intestinal fortitude to stand up to Big Foot, nothing is stopping you from wagering on the whole 75 pay lines, or you can creep around the virtual forest and hope he doesn't see you by gambling on lesser pay lines.

Step And Make Your Bet

Bigfoot Mountain also provides the coin buttons where you can quickly declare your bet to take your shot at spotting the elusive and dynamic Bigfoot. The betting foray starts at one cent and increases to three dollars. The elite bet to shock the world stands at $300.

Bigfoot Stomps Through The Paytable

Bigfoot Mountain loads up the paytable goodies. The dark photo obscuring this hulking beast constitutes the game's wild symbol. It delivers the winning goods up to 1,000 credits for five on the pay line. After that, the curious and frightened humans step up to the plate and reward your terror with modest credit gains. Mr. Bigfoot is worth up to 500 credits.

Sasquatch Is On The Move

Bigfoot, or better known as Sasquatch, impacts the bonus rounds. We begin with the wild feature. Here, if a wild symbol falls on the reels, the entire reel turns wild in its likeness. The prominent spins feature highlights Sasquatch in all his glory thanks to Bigfoot's footprint, randomly highlighting symbols on the second, third, and fourth forest reels. When the reel is covered, you are presented with a big wheel where you get to spin it to determine your prize. Finally, the ultimate roar features the progressive jackpot.

Slashing Through The Return To Player

Bigfoot Mountain comes with a robust return to the player, so you don't have to fret about making stakes and wagers.

The Dynamite Rating

Bigfoot Mountain is full of buzz, for it is received highly throughout the internet.

Sasquatch Is Having Fun

Sasquatch wants you to sit back and relax when playing Bigfoot Mountain. There is no rush to make a full deposit.

Putting Real Money Down On The Table

The online casino hosting Bigfoot Mountain is bound to have numerous banking options to get you up and into the game flow. The usual methods include credit cards, e-wallets, and sometimes Bitcoin.

Bigfoot Is Ready The Mobile Away

By all means, enjoy Bigfoot on your preferred mobile device or your chosen home computer.