Merlin's Mystical Multipliers Slots

Merlin's Mystical Multipliers Slots is a brand new slot machine creation that is going to be released by the influential casino software developer Rival Gaming. The game takes you back to medieval times, in which a famous wizard called Merlin will show you his money-making magic with the help of lucky reel symbols like the amulet, the cat, and the spell books. Below you read more about Merlin's Mystical Multipliers Slots and its casino profit triggering features.

Discover the Slot Machine Game Products From Rival Gaming

Rival Gaming is a world leader in the industry of casino software products. The influential software developer makes back-end software for virtual casinos. Still, as an online gambler, you will most likely know this company from its excellent casino slot games (three reels, five reels, six reels, and progressives) like Day at the Derby Slots, Arabian Tales Slots, Alien Spinvasion Slots, Daikoku Blessings Slots, Money Magic Slots, and Champs-Élysées Slots. Now, the influential casino software developer has come up with a brand new, uniquely themed slot title called Merlin's Mystical Multipliers Slots, which you can soon play at casinos that run on the software from this developer.

Get to Know This Game by Playing It in Demo Mode

As soon as this game is released, you will be able to play it in demo mode at various online gambling-related websites. Please take advantage of the opportunity to play the demo version of this slot title because it will be completely free. By playing for free, you can get to know the game in a stress-free setting before you switch over to playing it in real money mode.

Magic and Mystery Are Prevalent in the Theme of This Slot Machine

With a famous medieval man like Merlin being the center of attention, you know this game will captivate you with a magic and mystery theme. Merlin is, after all, a famous wizard who lived among the equally legendary figure King Arthur. Elements of this wizard and magic oriented theme are visible in the game's features and symbols. For example, you can spin icons like the spell book, potions, and amulets on the reels when you hit that spin button.

A Game With Comical and Colorful Design Elements

Elements of this wizard and magic oriented theme are also visible in the game's design details. From what we know about the design of this casino slot machine title, it has a comic book style. That means it will also be a very colorful casino game, which, of course, suits well with its magical theme.

The Type of Slot Machine Game You Will Play

Merlin's Mystical Multipliers Slots is a classic slot because it has three reels on which you need to place symbol combinations. Its main bonus element is the multiplier feature (the mystical seven times multiplier wild), which is always an excellent tool to trigger significant casino credit wins. As of this moment, there is no indication that this game will also have a progressive jackpot feature.

The Number of Available Pay Lines for This Game

On its website, Rival Gaming has, unfortunately, not yet provided any information about the number of pay lines that this slot title boasts. However, considering that this is a classic slot with a limited number of reels, you can probably also expect to see a limited number of pay lines on which successful symbol combinations need to land.

Wait for More Information About the Available Betting Options

As with the number of available pay lines, more information needs to come out about the betting options you can use while playing this casino slot machine game. Make sure to have your fund ready when more wager information is available so that you can start to bet and win right away.

Check for More Game Information in the Game's Paytable Section

Suppose in the future, you are playing this slot machine title at casino websites, and you need to know more information about its bonus features, symbols, payouts, and the general game rules. In that case, you can conveniently head over to the paytable section of the game. Usually, slots have a button displayed on the game screen that leads you to the paytable section.

Increase Your Bankroll With the Mystical Seven Times Multiplier Wild

Although further details need to come out, Rival Gaming has mentioned on its website that this game will have a mystical seven times multiplier wild feature with which you can trigger bonus wins. Make sure you take advantage of this game feature when you are playing Merlin's Mystical Multipliers Slots because a seven times multiplier is always a powerful tool to increase your casino bankroll.

Go After Free Spins Rewards if They Are Available

More information still needs to come out about whether this slot machine creation has any free spins to give away as a bonus feature. If it does have such a beneficial bonus feature, make sure you go after those free spins rewards with a passion because it is always good to make wins while not needing to spend any real money on your wagers first.

Check Out the Game's RTP Rate Information When It Becomes Available

RTP stands for Return to Player. The RTP rate of a slot machine game gives you a rough indication of your wager return on investment over the long term. On its website, Rival Gaming mentions the RTP rates of the games in its portfolio. So make sure to check out that information once it becomes available.

Check Out the Ratings for This Slot Machine Game

After this slot machine becomes available, casino game review websites will start to test it and come out with their ratings for the reel spinner. Make sure to check these ratings because they can give you a good indication if it is worth it to play this slot machine game at online casino platforms that have made it available for their members.

Slot Game Winners Will Inspire You to Play This Casino Game

What also will come out after this game hits online casinos are the news reports of lucky players who have made impressive wins while spinning its reels. These winners can provide you with the inspiration you need to put the reels of this game in motion. What's more, you might become a lucky winner yourself who gets an honorable mention at online casino news reports that talk about this game.

Have a Good Reel Spinning Time While Playing With Fun Credits

Playing in fun mode is one option to enjoy this casino game. The benefit of choosing this option is that you do not need to wager any real money, and, in some cases, you do not even need to sign up for an account to access the fun mode enabled version of this money magic inducing slot. The casino will supply you with free credits that you can use to play and have a good time.

Play This Slot for Real Money at Online Casinos

If you have the fund to make real money wagers while spinning the reels of this slot, then you can proceed to process a deposit at a Rival Gaming casino that has it on offer. After processing your real money deposit, you can hit the reels and start to go after all the wins that this casino slot machine has to offer.

Play This Game on the Go With Your Android or iOS Mobile Device

Besides playing for fun or real money, there is another way you can enjoy Merlin's Mystical Multipliers Slots at virtual casino platforms, and that way is via the mobile phone. Android and iOS mobile device friendly versions of this game will start to pop up once it becomes available so that you can conveniently play it while being on the go.