Robin in the Woods Slots

The Middle Ages themed slot has 5 reels and 40 paylines, making for a healthy number of ways to win. It’s a Progressive, so the ending jackpot is a tally of all the players who’ve entered in the real cash mode. With a betting range from 2 cents up to 6 dollars per payline, you can bet a minimum of 80 cents per game or a maximum of $240 per. If you want the best chances of winning the most you can in any particular round, it is advisable to play all the paylines every time you spin - just vary the amount you spend per coin.

Play Robin in the Woods slot - we all know it’s based on Robin Hood the archer, who took from the rich and gave to the poor. His antics have now been immortalized in this game that’s available for your Android or iOS supported mobile platform, so that you can enjoy it anywhere there’s an Internet connection. Or even if there isn’t, if you have mobile data. There are bags of cash all over the board; you’ve got to hope the arrows shoot the right symbols to break the prizes open for consumption. Arrow’s Edge - the software maker for this particular slot - really knew what it was doing when it conceived this game, and avoided using the real Robin Hood’s name in the title to avoid copyright penalties. This does not, however, take away from the recognizability and the gameplay, which you will enjoy.

You might not have known that, in addition to his wealth transfer mandate, Robin Hood was also on a mission to capture the heart of the fair maid. Her name was Marian, as in the blockbuster movie Braveheart, and Robin was intent on wooing her. She serves as the mischievous Scatter symbol in the game, and has a lot of abilities. Robin is the Substitute symbol and replaces any other symbol except for Fair Maid Marian. Fittingly, there are Heart symbols on the reels, which signify their impending love and are high paying symbols. Get at least three of them to appear for the wins to start piling up.

Marian the Scatter triggers Free Spins Feature, which is just the first of a total of three Bonus Features that are possible in Robin in the Woods slot. You will also uncover some Multiplier symbols with the help of the Scatter, and doubled wins with the help of the Wild. Along with the Sheriff symbol, the Treasure Chest and the Arrow and Quiver, there’s a lot to use in this slot to your advantage. Download to play for real money, or play in your browser for free.