True Heroes Slots

True Heroes is an online slot game that focuses on police officers, fire fighters, doctors, paramedics and the workers that fight hard to save lives every day. The slot game features an attractive cartoon theme with nicely designed symbols and it features some light animation to help make things look nice and interesting. The game offers some pretty big prize payouts with help from the different bonus features and it's certainly an option worth getting excited about. Below is a full review of the slot game and a close look at the different features and if there are big enough payouts to make it worthwhile. Keep reading to find out if this is the slot game for you.

An Arrow's Edge Game

Arrow's Edge is an online slot company that's well-established, though not as well-known as some other companies making games today. We're pretty familiar with the company though and most of their games are solidly built and nice to look at. With a good solid library of options to choose from True Heroes is likely to be another slot game that's going to excite gamblers and make them want to sign up and start playing.

Demo it First

This slot is available to demo if gamblers are interested in doing that sort of thing. Demoing the game is as simple as finding it in the list of options at an Arrow's Edge casino and clicking on the game to open it up. It should have a Demo mode available that makes it possible to test out the game and see all that it can do easily.

A Bright and Colorful Theme

It's plain to see that True Heroes has a bright, colorful and cheerful theme overall. The game is pleasant to look at with nice animations and it's features in front of a city backdrop. If you're searching for a slot that's going to make you feel good while you wager, this is the one. It's designed to honor some of our most important professions and it does a pretty good job of it.

Simple and Clean Game Design

Some slots look cluttered, True Heroes looks nice and clean with basic animations and limited buttons. There's nothing confusing about this slot game at all and it's simple to start playing as well. You can pick up this slot game and start playing mere moments later simply. It's that easy to start wagering that you'll never have to look up directions and can just start placing bets.

A Progressive Jackpot Slot

True Heroes is a progressive jackpot slot game with large fixed jackpot payouts as well as a progressive jackpot that's worth tens of thousands of dollars. There are many different ways to win while playing this slot game, and some of the jackpots are very exciting to play for as well.

25 Always on Lines

There are 25 paylines in True Heroes and they are always activated as you spin the reels. With all the lines turned on at all times you're forced to wager at least $0.25 per spin. So many lines on also increases your chances of triggering prize payouts and can lead to more frequent wins than a slot with limited paylines offers.

Massive Bet Potential

On the surface True Heroes seems like it's going to have limited bet potential, but that's not the case. The game offers impressive wagering options for gamblers no matter their budget level. Low stakes players can wager as little as $0.25 per spin. high rollers can wager up to $250 per spin, which is more generous than most other slot games offer today. Between these upper and lower values there is a lot of room to work with and place comfortable wagers no matter what your bankroll is.

A Pretty Basic Paytable

At first glance the paytable for True Heroes seems pretty bland and unrewarding. The highest prize payout is 5,000 for five of the firefighter symbols, followed by 1,000 for five police officers and 750 for the doctors. This doesn't account for the wild multiplier that's easy to unlock though. With up to a 6x multiplier possible there are some seriously good prize payouts that can be triggered by this slot game without even relying on the progressive jackpot payout.

A Powerful Police Chase Bonus Round

True Heroes has a special Police Chase mode that offers prize payouts worth 100x your total bet amount. This special bonus feature works in stages and can lead to some substantial payouts and even chains of wins. The bonus kicks off whenever a police car symbol appears on the third reel and rewards players with an instant 10x prize payout multiplied by their full wager amount. When that happens one row of the slot is taped off to show that you're in Police Chase mode. You remain in the mode for the next 25 spins, or until you get another police car on the third reel of the slot. Get another car and you'll trigger a 25x payout multiplied by your full wager amount. Another taped off reel occurs during 2nd chase mode and you have a chance to win another nice prize payout during the next 25 spins. Get a police car on the third reel this time and unlock a 100x prize payout multiplied by your full wager amount.

Expanding Wilds

Wild ambulance symbols only show on the third reel of True Heroes and then expand from there. The wilds expand outward in random patterns, leading to some very impressive prize wins. The wilds are also affected by the Police Chase bonus feature. When in the first chase mode wilds come with a 1x, 2x or 3x multiplier. When in the second chase mode wilds have a 4x, 5x or 6x multiplier for truly exciting wins.

RTP Information Isn't Available

With no RTP information available about this slot it's impossible to say just how good of a value it is. We did experience pretty constant prize payouts though, so we would say that this slot only offers minor variance and is a decent value for gamblers looking for profit potential in an online slot.

Our Full Slot Rating

After examining this slot game carefully we're proud to give it a rating of 4.4 out of 5.0 stars. Even though the game doesn't look very impressive at first glance and it's lacking some features that other games have, it offers solid prize payouts, a good progressive jackpot opportunity and entertaining special features. All these things make True Heroes a real leader in the slot gambling industry.

Massive Game Winners

The maximum prize payout of 5,000 coins is pretty exciting for a fixed jackpot, especially when you can multiply that prize payout by up to 6x with help from wilds and the Police Chase bonus feature. There's another prize payout available with this slot game though, and it has the potential to be even larger in size. It's the Super Slots progressive jackpot. This special jackpot feature is connected with many other Arrow's Edge slot games and gives one lucky gambler the chance to unlock a jackpot that's worth tens of thousands of dollars.

Enjoy the Fun and Dynamic Slot

True Heroes is a thrilling and highly dynamic slot game experience and it's pretty entertaining even when played just in demo mode. Interested gamblers can test out the game for free and trigger the Police Chase mode while also experiencing the intense spreading wilds. Between these two features there's always something exciting happening to look forward to and there are plenty of winning opportunities to watch out for as well.

Wager for Real Money Simply

Getting started playing for real money on this slot is easy to do. Just join a casino that offers Arrow's Edge games, make a real money deposit and begin playing. Once you're a member with a real money balance you can start trying for the jackpot payouts offered by this slot game.

A Good Mobile Game

The True Heroes slot game is designed to run smoothly on mobile and most gamblers can take it with them on their different devices conveniently. If you're looking for an entertaining slot game that you can take with you on the go, it's worth looking into this slot.

True Heroes is an excellent slot game worth some serious consideration if you're looking for a slot that celebrates something great in the world. The game really puts a spotlight on the different jobs that save lives and it offers some killer prize payouts at the same time. What's not to like?