Frankenslot's Monster Slots

Frankenslots Monster is a newly released and fully modern online slot. It features five reels and up to twenty lines to win, along with stunning 3D graphics and interactive animations. These awesome features are enough alone to make any game stand out and shine in its own right. Yet combined with such a phenomenal theme they make an online slot experience that's unlike any other offered. Frankenslot's offers a quirky and entirely enjoyable gaming experience that is seriously enhanced with its various animations throughout your game play. It rewards winning players by sending bolts of lightening flashing across the screen to make contact with the happily oblivious monster strapped down to the left side of the screen. Even he wants you to win, shown by his clapping of hands and slightly creepy but nonetheless proud smile every time you spin a winning roll.

Bonus Features

Frankenslots also offers multiple ways to win and two bonus features you can spin for. The first is a generic free spin feature which awards eight free spins anytime you roll three scatter symbols on rows two, three, or four. The free rolls rack up indefinitely and each free roll used is accompanied by 3D graphics shocking the monsters with thousands of volts of electricity. Frankenslots second bonus feature includes a bonus round. The bonus round begins when three bonus symbols are rolled. It then brings up a set of levers for the player to adjust and submit. The results are seemingly random and reward you with up to 25x the amount of your bet.


Other than these features there are five other significant valued symbols to look out for that reward large sums. These symbols are; A full moon, Frankenslot's symbol, a eyeball in a jar, the monster himself, and an electric machine. Anytime you see these symbols match up you can expect generous rewards. While there are still plenty of other great winning symbols in the game these are the ones that are worth really getting excited about and hopefully they show up often for you!


Frankenslot's, while slightly generic in rewards and features, offers a great overall slot experience with a unique theme and good rewards. It can be found and played online at and is one of their most popular and newest releases yet. I would recommend anyone give this game a few spins to try they're luck, but be careful, you never know when the monster might get angry!