Kate’s Waddle Slots

Kate’s Waddle is an odd name for a slot game, but it manages to fit perfectly after you get to know the game a bit. We were initially confused by the massive grid of symbols that the slot presents, but it wasn’t long before the game began to grow on us during testing. Below is our complete review of this very unique slot game and what you can expect when you try to play it for yourself. Give our review a look and decide if the game is worth playing or not based on our experience, or test the game out for yourself.

Betting Settings

It makes no difference whether you want to place a small or larger wager while playing Kate’s Waddle, you have lots of options to work with. At the low end, you can wager as little as $0.30 per spin while playing this slot. AT the high end you can wager as much as $240.00 per spin with this game. Choose a level that you are comfortable with somewhere in between the two extremes and you’ll enjoy a better slot experience overall.

A Massive Symbol Grid

Kate’s Waddle is a bit overwhelming the first time that you try this slot game. That’s because it’s literally a 10x10 grid of symbols that take up most of your screen. While it’s overwhelming looking at all those different symbols, it’s exciting as well. Each little cluster of symbols is another chance for you to win a prize payout after all. There is a huge number of chances to win with every single spin.

How Pays Work

Paying combinations are calculated based on adjacent symbols of the same type. By connecting different symbols you can unlock prize combinations for between 6 and 24 symbols. The prize payouts for 24 symbols is pretty impressive and you won’t have to work too hard to get a respectable payout. You can build a symbol cluster in multiple directions at the same time. It’s possible to get three or four symbols going horizontally, and four or five going vertically at the same time to unlock a prize payout that includes every one of the symbols at once. With that said, this slot is designed to pay combinations of symbols rather than massive prize wins. That means you’ll be going for many different prize wins on the same turn, you won’t get rich from a single symbol combination.

Penguin Wilds and Free Spin Symbols

As the slot game’s name suggests, penguin symbols are by-far the most important overall. There is a penguin wild symbol and a penguin free spin feature. The wilds help trigger more prize payouts and they are worth the biggest prizes as well. The free spin symbol will help you unlock the high-powered free spin bonus round, which is one of the main reasons to play this interesting slot game.

Random Jackpots

There are three random jackpots that can trigger at any time while you play Kate’s Waddle. To unlock these you simply need to spin the reels and get lucky. The Cash Grab jackpot is worth more than $1,000. The Mystery Jackpot is worth more than $10,000 and the Super Slots jackpot can be worth as much as 10’s of $1,000s with a bit of luck. These powerful jackpots are your best chance of walking away with a huge payout.

Exciting Free Spins

Getting five or more of the free spin Kate symbols is all it takes to unlock the special free spin bonus round. In this bonus, you have a good chance of unlocking a prize payout or two, but your chances of winning go up the more Kate symbols you get to trigger the round. The reel transforms dramatically during the free spin round, reducing your chances of prize payouts compared to the standard reel. Getting 5 Kate symbols gives you a 5x5 reel to play on. Getting 9 Kate symbols gives you a 9x9 grid to play on and all the combinations in between will give you a grid that matches. You still have a very good chance of coming away with a prize payout or two during this special round though.

After our complete playthrough of Kate’s Waddle, we were impressed enough to recommend the game to other players. Give the slot a try if only to see a new way to play slots. It’s a charming game with a lot to offer, even if the music does get a bit repetitive over time.