Reels of Wealth Slots

Whenever Betsoft releases a new progressive slot, the entire online casino gaming world practically rushes to a stop. The newest reason for this inertia is Reels of Wealth slots, which is a five reel 10 pay line progressive that possesses an amazing four different jackpots, diamond wild symbols that can produce 25 free spins, a very attractive free spins feature, as well as relatively high-paying, low value symbols.

One of the things that you want to know about this slot is that it has a property called "medium to high variance", which is usually a benefit to the slot player. Because of the generosity of the jackpot, it is possible to come away with a single spin-induced when of 67,400 coins. If you're like most people, then it is clear that it's this amounts can be life altering. Do not, however, take this to mean that you can't enjoy Reels of Wealth slots in the free mode where there is no money involved. It is a graphics intensive slot that has a lot to offer in the free play version. The choice, ultimately, is up to you though.

One of the most important aspects of Reels of Wealth slots is the intuitive megastar minigame in the jackpot that's associated with it. One coupled with a rolling wins multiplier effect, you can end up with up to 25 free spins. This, with the ability to wager a minimum of $.10 and a maximum of $100 for every spin you take, leads to potentially lucrative nights – but only for real money players. A catch of 5 Chests of treasure on the reels returns a result of 2500 coins for your pleasure. The other symbols pay well, too - even the low value ones, as mentioned in the Reels of Wealth attributes section above. These include a bag of gold trinkets, cash stacks, multicolored gems, gold bars and the poker symbols from Jack to Ace. The Scatter symbol wins are multiplied by the total amount of your initial bet at the beginning of the game. Although the biggest payout is almost ten times greater than what the treasure chest quintuplet returns, there are many worthwhile prizes that are less than this.

Reels of Wealth is a good name for a video slot even if you don’t want to play for real money. It is readily available for all who navigate to the website and click the Instant Play menu item to get started. Download today if you want to try your hand at winning cash and prizes.