Zimba and Friends Slots

Throwing you in the midst of a gorgeously animated and drawn jungle, that feels beautifully alive and full of motion, pleasant music and atmospheric environmental sounds, Zimba and Friends Slots is a game that really doesn’t give the gambler a chance to be disappointed. The slot gives so much on its five reels and three rows and twelve paylines, most importantly an expanding wild symbol and a bonus game connected with it. There are also three progressive jackpots connected with the game-The Mystery Jackpot, the Cash Grab Jackpot and the biggest one of them-the Super Slots Jackpot. The biggest possible bet of the game, with which you can enter the spin is 240 dollars.

Zimba’s Expanding Wilds

The game features two wild symbols-The Monkey and the Giraffe. They have the common ability to replace the rest of the symbols in the game in order to complete unfinished winning combination and deliver greater earnings. Both of them are expanding but are active on different reels. The Monkey symbols unleashes its potential when it appears on the third reel. When that happens, the wild Monkey will also make an appearance on each of the other reels. The five wilds that appear will keep their positions on the reels for the next six spins, which will lead to multiple winnings. The wilds that appear and stick will usually be in a specific form depending on the position that they first one gets on the third reel. The Giraffe symbol gets activated when it appears either on the second or the fourth reel and then the whole reel will be filled with wild symbols. For the next six spins, the reel will remain crowded with wild symbols and that will also result in great earnings. If another Giraffe appears during the re-spins, it will also stick on its initial position and stay, contributing to the winning combinations until the 6 spins have expired.

Zimba’s Paytable

All the 12 symbols in Zimba and Friends Slot’s paytable deliver payouts, promising plenty of consistency when it comes down to winning combinations and earnings on the reels but depriving the player from a single giant payout that serves as the top prize. That omission however is largely made up for by the presence of three jackpots. Either way, there are two top-paying symbols in the game and they are the wild Monkey symbol and the Lion symbol, who pay the same values. They have four winning combinations and for 2-symbol, 3-symbol, 4-symbol and 5-symbol matching combinations, the payments are 5 coins, 30 coins, 500 coins and 1000 coins. The Elephant is the second best-paying symbol in the game. It delivers 4, 30, 250 and 500 coins for its four winning combinations. The Zebra is next, providing gamblers with 3, 25, 150 and 300 coins. The Meerkat symbol grants the same amounts as the Zebra does. The remaining symbols in the paytable all deliver earnings through three winning combinations each. There is the yellow exotic fruit symbol that gives 20, 50 and 125 coins. The last two fruit symbols on the paytable pay the same amounts-20, 30 and 100 coins and they are a pair of another kind of exotic fruits symbol and a Bananas symbol. The rest of the symbols are the regular card ones from A to J. The Ace and the King pay 10, 20 and 60 coins, while the Queen and the Jack deliver 4, 15 and 50 coins.

Zimba and Friends is a terrific slot game that doesn’t feature quite everything that a big slot game can offer, but it is an original, beautiful and thrilling piece of gambling entertainment that delivers solid rewards and numerous chances for victory.