Legend of the Nile Slots

Legend of the Nile is an Egyptian theme-based slot which is very popular among online slot players from the US. This incredible slot game has the Sphinx and the Pyramid in the background along with a Monolith that has pictures of some of the most well known symbols. Legend of the Nile is both visually stunning and a very lucrative slot as well. Having been to Egypt, I can attest to the authenticity of the graphics and the marvelous symbols within. Moreover, if you wish to play this game you can do so at Gossip Slots Online Casino where you can play Legend of the Nile in Flash. Just click on the game and it will load immediately. You can play for fun or for real money. Go for the real money!

About the Game

Legend of the Nile is a progressive video slot, and has cascading slot symbols with cluster pays and exploding wilds. You van vie for the enormous 100,000-coin win playing this game. This slot includes both the Double-Up Feature and Auto Play Feature. You may also notice that under the jackpot window, there is a tube that shows X400 total, followed by four Free Spins. At the bottom of this tube, there are pictures of Ra, Anubis, and Isis. Because this game has so many fabulous features, we definitely recommend you to read the multi-page pay table. It contains the symbols, payouts, special features, and general rules of the game.

Playing the Game

The special features in this game are simply superb! For example, each time you spin and win, Ra will light up in green and continue up the tube collecting the free spins. There will also be special features assigned to the three figures on the slot machine. You will also experience the Cluster Wilds and the Exploding Wins in this game. As for the symbols, the Pyramid Symbol is the wild symbol and will substitute for all other symbols except Ra, Anubis, Upgraded Anubis, Isis, and Upgraded Isis. A Cluster of Wilds will substitute for all adjacent symbols. If you get from 4 to 20 Pyramid symbols, you will win the 30,000-coin bonus.

Cluster Wins and Exploding Wins

All wins except for the Ra symbols are triggered by a Cluster of 4 or more symbols. This means that all winning symbols will explode in this game. The remaining symbols will then drop down and fill the empty spaces and replace them with new symbols.

Three Extraordinary Features

These features are: The Ra Power Bar Feature, The Anubis Trail Bar Feature, and the Isis Trail Feature.

The Ra Power Bar Feature

When you get one or more Ra symbols, you will be awarded a cash prize and advance on the Ra Power Bar. The bar will reset after each spin. When you get from 1 to 20 Ra symbols, you will be paid from 1xs to 20xs your bet. You will also have a chance to win free spins. They will be given as you advance in the Ra Bar. When you get 8 Ra symbols you will win 8 free spins; 9 Ra symbols will award you an additional 2 free spins; 12 Ra symbols will garner you 2 additional spins, 15 Ra symbols will award you an additional 3 free spins; 17 Ra symbols will be the top award of 400xs your total bet; and 20 Ra symbols wins you the progressive jackpot.

Anubis Trail Bar Feature

The Anubis Trail Bar works in basically the same way as the Ra Power Bar. However, in this case, the payouts are incredibly high. For example, get 4 to 20 or more Anubis symbols to win 25,000 coins. Free Spins will also be given in this feature. During the free spins round, you can win up to 100,000 coins when 20 or more Anubis symbols appear on the reels.

The Isis Trail Feature

Here you will have the opportunity to collect more payouts and receive multiple free spins. Get 4 to 20 Isis symbols to win 25,000 coins. However, during the free spins round, you can win 75,000 coins if you get 20 or more Isis symbols.

The Double-Up Game

The all too familiar Double-Up Game is also available for you to play. Choose either heads or tails and you can double up 50% of your winnings or all of your winnings. Or, if you prefer, you can skip this game altogether.

Play Legend of the Nile Slots at Gossip Slots Online Casino

This game goes further than any slot we’ve played. Between the exquisite symbols and the special features, you can come out a big winner. Consequently, this game has risen to the ranks of one of the most played slots online. Therefore, we invite you to play Legend of the Nile Slots at Gossip Slots Online Casino.